11.-12. Juni 2022

Hofgarten Schloss Fasanerie, 36124 Eichenzell


2022-06-12 - RESULTS


The year 1922 is considered to be the beginning of the organized breeding of Hovawarts according to the stud book, even though the back-breeding of the old, robust German farm dog had already begun twenty years earlier. Reason enough for the three breeding clubs RZV (Rassezuchtverein für Hovawart-Hunde), HZD (Hovawart Zuchtgemeinschaft Deutschland) and HC (Hovawart Club) which are united in the VDH, as well as the International Hovawart Federation IHF for a big joint anniversary celebration.

Focal point of the anniversary year is the Hovawart Club Show on Sunday June 12th, 2022 in the courtyard garden of Schloss Fasanerie in Eichenzell near Fulda, in the middle of Germany as well in the middle of Europe. We expect visitors - two-legged and four-legged - from all neighbouring countries and from overseas. 425 Hovawarts will be judged by the best international experts, parallel on 10 rings.

The event will be kicked off by the presidents of the three German Hovawart Clubs (RZV, HZD and HC) on Saturday, June 11th, 2022 and starts with a a huge show programme including an international stud dog presentation.

The celebration evening gives the chance to all Hovawart enthusiasts to celebrate one of the most native dog breeds appropriately. The path to the ballroom will lead you through a long row of historic documents and photographs, showing 100 years of breeding history.

A substancial commemorative publication, printed and distributed just in time for the anniversary, will light the changefull and very interesting history of the Hovawart breed, combined with new findings from historic and genetic research.


Saturday, June 11th, 2022


Welcome (Hofgarten Schloss Fasanerie)


Stud dog presentation

Demonstration IGP / Obedience / THS


Entry Celebration evening (Parkhotel Fulda,

Goethestraße 13, 36043 Fulda)

Sunday, June 12th, 2022


Entry dog show

(Hofgarten Schloss Fasanerie,

36124 Eichenzell)


Start of judging



Closing date: 15.05.2022

Entry fee dog show : € 35,00/dog

Celebration evening: € 35,00/per person (registration just for celebration evening here)

Parking place for caravans can be booked directly here by indicating arrival/departure date, name, address, phone number.


Bucer, Dusica - Sl

Darting-Entenmann, Sigrid - D

Eerola, Tapio - FI

Gaudy Jaggi, Denise - CH

Gund, Annette - CH

Kapsch, Elisabeth - AT

Kerschner, Sabine - AT

Mummeshohl, Marco - D

Preisinger, Eva - D

Skvarilova, Elena - AT


Babyklasse (4-6 months)

Jüngstenklasse (6-9 months)

Jugendklasse (9-18 months)

Zwischenklasse (15-24 months)

Championklasse (15 months and upwards)*

Gebrauchshundeklasse (15 months and upwards)*

Offene Klasse (15 months and upwards)

Veteranenklasse (8 years and upwards)

Außer Konkurrenz (up to 18 months)**

Außer Konkurrenz (up to 18 months)**

*Certificates according to VDH show rules §13, par. 5+6 have to be sent to Show Manager.

**Intended for dogs having a defect which precludes breeding (e.g. dental defect, tail abnormality or colour defect).

Dogs in this classification receive a description, no conformation score.



Zuchtgruppe (Breeders´Group Competition)

Nachzuchtgruppe (Progeny Group Competition)

Paarklasse (Couples´Competition)

Registration according to VDH Show Regulations



Bester Junghund

Bester Veteran

Bester Rüde

Beste Hündin

BOS (Best of Opposite Sex)

BOB (Best of Breed)

IHF Winner Rüde 2022

IHF Winner Hündin 2022


The following entitlements can be awarded:

Anwartschaft Deutscher Champion VDH * Reserve Anwartschaft Deutscher Champion VDH

Anwartschaft Deutscher Champion RZV

Anwartschaft Deutscher Champion HZD

Anwartschaft Deutscher Champion HC


Anwartschaft Deutscher Jugend Champion VDH * Reserve Anwartschaft Deutscher Jugend Champion

Anwartschaft Deutscher Jugend Champion RZV

Anwartschaft Deutscher Jugend Champion HZD


Anwartschaft Deutscher Veteranen Champion VDH * Reserve Anwartschaft Deutscher Veteranen Champion VDH

Anwartschaft Deutscher Veteranen Champion RZV

Anwartschaft Deutscher Veteranen Champion HZD

Anwartschaft Hovawart-Clubchampion


Anwartschaft IHF Champion


Show Manager



Ralph Marcinczak

Erich Figura

Kirsten Breidenbach

Am Viadukt 15

Dorfstraße 2

Dorstener Straße 880

D-04603 Nobitz

D-24806 Sophiendamm

D-45721 Haltern

T: 034494 80390

T: +49 4335 9229755

M: +49 172 4914360

M: +49 151 40722632

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Caravan parking:

A limited number of parking places for caravans is available directly at the castle and can be booked here by indicating arrival/departue date, name, address, phone number.

Hotel list, dogs allowed (distance Schloss Fasanerie in km)


On the tracks of  Curt F. Koenig – a historic, Hovawart related guided tour of Thale und surroundings

Learn more about the point of origin of the wonderfull Hovawart breed. Historic buildings and urban scene on the track for founding father Curt F. Koenig

The guided tours will follow the history, beginning with Koenig’s arrival as war invalid in World War I and his first place at Thale, his marriage with his first wife Minna, history of the different Thale dog clubs and their meeting points, relation to the German Shepard breed up to the Zoo-techinical Center at Treseburg, where Koenig lived from 1930. At this place the first 30 litters of Hovawarts were born and raised.

An exciting trip with detailed information, presented by one of the most popular Hovawart experts Dr. Jens Kerl.

Time:                                         9 am - 1 pm

Meeting point:                          Hauptbahnhof Thale

Dates:                                       19.06.2022, 26.06.2022, 18.09.2022 (more dates on request)

Participants:                             Max. 20

Participation fee:                     € 15,00/pp (donation for visiting sites)

Booking:                                    Jens Kerl, Sorpestraße 35, 57392 Schmallenberg

                                                  E-mail: Booking Excursion

                                                  T: +49 2975-809683, M: +49 151-17315024